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Stormjet T 3208 AU


Super Hi-speed production printer with 8 polaris heads


  • 2 pass -2260 sq.ft /hr ( 210 m2 /h)
  • 3 Pass – 1582 sq.ft /hr (147 m2 /h )
  • 4Pass – 1227 sq.ft /hr( 114 m2 / h)

Special Features




Dual thermal drying fans


Home Position


Ink Supply System with Cobetter filter


Specific PLR-33pl Ink


Photoprint 10


Dual silent linear guide & LED light

High Resolution, High Speed

  • 8 pieces of SPECTRA Polaris PQ 512 /35 pl hi- speed and hi- res durable print heads
  • High Speed upto 210 m2/h
  • Double silent linear guide on expanded horizontal beam
  • Stable body structure perfectly supports high speed

New Innovation

  • Constant tensioned taking up / feeding system to maintain long precise feeding
  • Rigid CNC milled aluminium block print head mounting base
  • Chamfered print head mounting base avoids media scratch
  • New improved CNC milled Aluminum Capping block seals printhead tightly


  • Roll to roll media feeding system
  • 8 print heads in 2 offset rows ensures high production
  • New high frequency control boards to protect printhead and ensure hi-speed

Easy Control

  • Photoprint 10 / Maintop…+ GZ control console
  • Optical fiber for large volume data transferring
  • LED light providing convenient working environment
Item Specifications
Tech Model Stormjet T 3208 AU T3208AU
Printhead 8 Spectra Polaris PQ 512 /35 PI heads
Technology Drop-on-Demand and Plezo inkjet technology
Output Resolution X: 300 dpi / 600 dpi Y: 400 dpi / 600dpi /800 dpi
Media Clearance 1mm -18 mm adjustable head height
INK Outdoor Durability 1 year Outdoor life / 2 years (optional)
Solvent Ink C.M.Y.K
Ink Supply BuK Ink Supply System with cobetter®filter
Drying System Heating System Pre, Mid and post heaters controlled by PID
Temp.Range Adjustable up to 80oC , recommend temp .40oC -50oC
Drying System Dual thermal drying fans
Media Print Width Max 3200 mm
Media Type PP, PVC, Coated photo paper, adhesive Vinyl, Banner, Backilight flim
Transportation Auto feeder plus auto taking – up system by infrared sensor
Printing Speed and Model 300 x 400dpi 2 Pass 210 m2/ h
300 x 600 dpi 3 Pass 147 m2/ h
300 x 800 dpi 4 Pass 114 m2 /h
Other Inter Fiber Optical data transferring + USB 2.0 Interface
Environment Temperature -29-29oC, Humidity : 50 – 80 %
Software Photoprint 11 / Maintop …+ Gz Control console
Power 50Hz /AC 220V (±10%) single phase / 15 A + 16 A x2
Dimension L x w x H (mm): 5100 x 1000 x 1500

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